Welcome to VPMM College (B.Ed.) for Women

The V.P.M.M. B.Ed., College for Women is started in the year 2005 with 100 Students. The College is situated in a rural area, Vizhupanoor village near Krishnankoil casked by the sylvan surroundings of the majestic Western Ghat, which lends additional charm to the magnificently constructed buildings. Thanks to the large heartedness the VPMM Trust has donated 13.11 acres of land to the college.

The College being spread on a prolific area has provided adequate infrastructure and equipments for various disciplines. With main buildings situated to the road to Madurai seldom miss the eyes of the passers by affiliated to the Tamilnadu Teachers Education University, Chennai The College offers the following courses of utility to the womenfolk.

The College has vowed itself to strive towards the following objectives
specific objective

“Education to Rural Women” To induce in the rural students acceptance of their social responsibilities of educating the next generation, thus bringing a chain reaction of educational, moral and social developments.

Social Objective

To instill in rural women, value of health, Human Behavior, social and community development through education.


Education to rural women.


Upliftment of teacher education value of health, Human behavior, Social and Community, Development through education.